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A little Bit About Tile


My tile is made of stoneware and/or porcelain.

The clay bodies used are fired until vitrified. Vitrified means that the pores of the clay are closed to a small size that makes them resistant to water absorption.

No two of my tiles are exactly the same; they are each created individually and by hand. They will be similar should you order the same color but not exact.

My tile is like any store purchased tile; they must be installed properly.

·         Underlayment if not installed properly will damage any tile

·         All tile is more fragile before install

·         Cold and Salt are not friends of tile and can cause damage

·         A professional installation is recommended


Ceramic tile that is glazed is known to be resistant to odors, stains and dirt. It can be easily cleaned with a damp mop or common household cleaning supplies.

The benefits of installing ceramic tile in a home are plentiful, including the following:

  • Environmentally friendly and easy to clean

  • Very versatile given its range of colors, sizes, shapes, textures and styles

  • Resistant to fire and doesn’t emit toxic fumes, making it great for kitchen counters

  • Resistant to water, preventing moisture accumulation and mold


Grout Can Be Dyed to further enhance Your Art Piece

Direct Colors is a great company that sells intense dyes

They sell them in sample sizes and a little goes a long way


Vinegar and Water makes the best cleaning solution

Do Not Do What Follows

·      Cleaning Tile and Grout with Bleach is Fine

·         No. Bleach is a great cleaner for many things, but not your tile and grout. It’s known for its whitening effects and disinfecting capabilities, so people tend to use it on their tile and grout for this purpose. However, it will only weaken the grout, causing it to become brittle and deteriorate quicker.

·      Acidic Cleaning Solutions Work Great on Tile and Grout

·         Acidic cleaners may help remove dirt and grime from tile, but it can be rather harsh, causing erosion of the grout. It also releases vapors that can damage other appliances like stainless steel faucets and other similar fixtures.

·      Use a Wire Brush for Cleaning

·         It may seem like a great idea to use a wire brush to clean your grout joints, but this will only damage it. The hardest brush you should be using is a medium bristle brush. Anything harder will create more problems than it solves.

When Cleaning Tile It Is Important to Start with a Clean Area

  • A lot of people end up avoiding dealing with stained tile and grout because of the level of difficulty of the project. Cleaning tile and grout is hard because the grout has pores, which can make removing dirty and grime nearly impossible. It takes professional-grade equipment to get deep into pores and remove those unsightly stains.

  • When your tile and grout are being cleansed, it’s important to first vacuum or sweep away the loose dirt. This will prevent the dirt from setting into your floors as you mop. It’s not a good idea to use harsh chemical cleaners, such as bleach, on your tile and grout. Only cleaners that have been approved for safe use on ceramic tile and grout should be used. After the mopping is done, rinsing the tile and grout is important.

What is Grouting

  • Grouting is the process of filling the spaces in between tiles. Most options come in powder form, but premixed containers are available as well. Whichever option you choose, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to mix grout. Keep any leftover dry mix for future repairs, but make sure to store it in moisture-free areas.

  • This guide details how to apply tile grouting, how use the float and sponge and how to apply sealant and caulk.

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Waterproof Tile

Suitable for Light Industrial and Wet Areas

Tiles By Gavazzi tile are vitrified making their porosity low; this makes them suitable for showers,pools and flooring.